Over the past 20 years, I’ve developed a program referred to as the Sérénité Steps: core beliefs and essential actions required to cultivate positive thinking, resilience, and peace of mind.

Unlike other ‘self-help’ programs, my methodology is grounded in hard-won lessons that helped me navigate some of life’s most challenging hardships. Today, my life’s purpose is to ensure that those lessons live on beyond myself—by offering you a unique chance to understand optimism like you never have before.

Meet Nadia

Nadia Rougier is a wife and a mom first, but put a Bible in her hand, coupled with the passionate message in her heart and you’ll see why hundreds and soon to be thousands flock to her for the timely advice, wisdom, inspiration and comfort she provides through her Optimistic approach.

Nadia found her unique message and compassionate heart to serve while working for the Florida Department of Corrections, for almost 20 years, as a Sr. Classification Release and Mental Health Officer, where she honed and applied her masterful gift in the most extraordinary ways. Working with some of the most hardened criminals; and others who were challenged mentally; all melted and transformed; under the spell of Nadia’s magnetism, optimism, integrity and character.

Nadia is currently the Founder and CEO, of Serenite Plus, LLC a place of optimism every day. Nadia Rougier received her call to speak – an itch that needed to be scratched. Nadia Rougier is an Optimism Expert and Life Style Management Specialist who knows a thing or two about surviving difficult times; and about picking yourself up; and starting over when your life is a mess and experiencing failure.

Nadia has endured a divorce and a bout with Cancer that has given her the armor and the mental and spiritual enlightenment; and fortitude, to find the silver lining in any occasion.

Like many people, Nadia’s life journey has included some trying times from health scares to near death experience and heartaches; however, what has kept her through the darkest hours of her life, was her faith in God and her optimistic principles that she lives by.

Learn what is required to transform and excel in this era of intense competition and relentless change.

Nadia is a revered survivor and a great role model for young and old. Her message is about hope, victory, laughter and the gift of optimism.

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"When you are determined to stay positive, no matter what the circumstance , you cannot fail "

- Sérénité Plus, LLC -